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Nam, an adoptee found in the streets as an infant returns to Korea for the first time in 35 years to search for her birth mother and father. 


Funds donated to "Found in Korea Movie LLC" will go towards DCP creation, film festival submissions, and PR production (posters, postcards/flyers). Current donations will go towards translation of the film into Korean. thank you! Please feel free to message with any questions.  Much gratitude!!

"Found in Korea"

'"Found in Korea" is geared towards children; age 10 is the sweet spot, as there are subtitles at some points in the film. However, thus far, children far younger and adults far older have enjoyed viewing snippets. The reason I created the film is so children and adults can have a dialogue about questions, thoughts, ideas, and emotions surrounding adoption." -Nam    

       Synopsis: Abandoned and left in the streets as a newborn baby, KAD (Nam) returns home to find the world she lost as a baby.  In search of her birth parents, she attempts to retrace her journey from birth to being adopted by a family in America, but old records and 35 years of economic growth have transformed the Korea of her infancy into a country where information held on paper is a thing of the past, leaving her with no trail to follow.
        Desperate for more information, Nam travels south to the island where she was born in hopes of discovering unknown files and people who might remember her story.  Along the way she interviews social workers, Koreans and other adoptees, and discovers why over 200,000 children have been sent away from Korea for international adoption. 


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NAM HOLTZ (Executive Producer/Director/Writer) was born somewhere in S. Korea, found on the streets as an unidentified infant, and adopted to America at 6 months of age. Nam is an award-winning filmmaker via Found in Korea. She was raised in the north suburbs of Chicago, IL where she was intensely involved with dance, theater and the trumpet. Nam graduated cum laude with a BFA from SUNY Purchase and began her professional career on stage in Broadway’s “The King & I” as a 14-track singing and dancing swing. After performing in musical theater productions in London’s West End, Las Vegas and in US National Tours, Nam began studying acting in her now home for 20 years, NYC.  At age 35, Nam traveled back to Korea for the first time with a small film crew to document the discovery of her culture, and her search for answers to an unknown past. Nam is currently obtaining a MSW (class of 2020) and will continue working with and advocating for children and families in the adoption and foster care constellation. 

ALLISON LANE (Director/Editor/ Producer/Writer) is an award-winning filmmaker and a graduate of the University of Michigan. As a director/writer/producer/editor, Allison was won multiple awards including Best Comedy (International Television Festival, Los Angeles), Best TV Pilot (Hoboken International Film Festival), Best Comedy Short (Illinois International Film Festival, Chicago), and Best Ensemble Cast (Houston Comedy Film Festival). In addition to awards, her work has received critical praise. Rogue Cinema raved “Allison has turned me into an instant super fan. I want to see everything she makes or is involved with now”. She directed/wrote/produced/edited the critically praised multi-award winning TV pilot WTFU and 3 seasons of the hit comedy web series TMB. She has also written for Your Tango Media, as well as produced, written and edited numerous commercials, corporate spots, shorts, and web series for a variety of clients. Allison is currently Unit Production Managing the narrative feature film thriller Kiss Me, Kill Me. Allison is also directing, executive producing, and editing the 30-minute documentary Memories of Pearl Harbor: The Jeanne Smith Story. Allison is the President of Reel Spiel Productions, LLC.

KEVYN SETTLE (Director/Producer) was born in Richmond VA. Kevyn is an award winning, producer, director and writer, heading his own production company, Napkin Sketch Productions. Kevyn’s short narrative Tracks, appeared in over a dozen film festivals, winning Best Short in three festivals, including, Jury Prixe Best Short Film at the 14th Long International Island Film Expo, and Best Short at the Virginia Independent Film Festival. During 2011, Kevyn also wrote and directed the dramatic thriller, Playback. Kevyn is currently working on a yet-to-be titled Viet Nam documentary about two brothers separated by over 60 years of conflict.

CO-PRODUCERS:  Reel Spiel Productions LLC, Andrea & Paul Compton,  Fred Isozaki, William Kaplanidis & Ethan Le Phong


CAMERA 2: Jon Foy

SOUND EDITOR: Bill Mattinson
MUSIC BY: Ben Lewis, Stephen Lu, Jont & Bill Mattinson

WRITERS: Nam Holtz & Allison Lane

© 2020 by Meggin Nam Holtz

Found in Korea Movie LLC

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