Nam, an adoptee found in the streets as an infant returns to Korea for the first time in 35 years to search for her birth mother and father. 

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"Found in Korea"

'"Found in Korea" is geared towards children; age 10 is the sweet spot, as there are subtitles at some points in the film. However, thus far, children far younger and adults far older have enjoyed viewing snippets. The reason I created the film is so children and adults can have a dialogue about questions, thoughts, ideas, and emotions surrounding adoption." -Nam    

       Synopsis: Abandoned and left in the streets as a newborn baby, KAD (Nam) returns home to find the world she lost as a baby.  In search of her birth parents, she attempts to retrace her journey from birth to being adopted by a family in America, but old records and 35 years of economic growth have transformed the Korea of her infancy into a country where information held on paper is a thing of the past, leaving her with no trail to follow.
        Desperate for more information, Nam travels south to the island where she was born in hopes of discovering unknown files and people who might remember her story.  Along the way she interviews social workers, Koreans and other adoptees, and discovers why over 200,000 children have been sent away from Korea for international adoption. 


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