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   -Transparent fiscal breakdown-
Current donations support translation of film into Korean, ongoing fees such as annual vimeo, zoom, site costs, hard drive back-ups, and film festival submissions.

 Thank you!

Total Raised: $30,391
Total Spent:   $45,785

Ever wondered "WHY DID IT TAKING Nam SO LONG to make this film?!"


Here's why:


I decided to make the costs to produce this film transparent to the public for many reasons.  Firstly, I hope that people will better understand what goes into making a film.  Secondly, I want people to know what their money/donations are being used for.  Thirdly, other new film makers may be interested in the financial aspects/equipment, and fourthly, it is important for me to keep track of this stuff!!!

thanks for your time, support and interest, ~ me = Nam :)


To make "Found in Korea’s” 2 minute and 20 second trailer, it cost $3,518.09.


Here's the breakdown:


2:20min TRAILER:

$2000.00  40 hrs Editing

                 (*this is a family and friends 50% discount from my amazing editor and long time friend Allison Lane)

$20.00      Korean voice over work (4 clips at $5.00 each!)

$18.00      Royalty-free music purchased on

$356.99    Rode NTK (Microphone)

$435.11    Audient iD22- (Mic Preamp/converter/interface)

$75.00      2hr voice over studio session including engineer (friend/family rate)

$199.00    Synology Diskstation (for file server/sharing with editor)

$114.99    Seagate Expansion 4TB Hard drive:

$299.00    Cubase (recording software)









EQUIPMENT - I will continue to fill in/update this section asap

Laptop (Macbook Pro)   $580 (plus extra RAM $100)

Camera (Panasonic HDC_TM 700)   $890.00

Camera excessory kit    $220.00

Audio mixer (BeachTek DXA-HDV)   $249.00

Lens     (_________)  $______

Boom Mic     (_________)  $129.00

Fuzzy Windjammer    $14.00 

Lavaliere (loaned-rented)  $50.00 

Camera bag (used)   $45.00

Sticks                         $99.00

Batteries for mic        $200.00

4T hard drives x2        $680.00

8T hard drive              $800.00

500g LACY rugged portable drive  $189.00



Final Cut Pro 7 (for editing)

Final Cut Express (for initial uploading)



Macbook pro



$2400.00    Editor* (rough cut)

$1300.00    Director fees

$160.00      DP

$1600.00    Sound Editor

$1000.00    Music Acquisition/Writing fees

$150.00      VO sessions


$735.00  $15/hr sessions (for footage shot in Korean language)



  TO KOREA  (9/30/10-10/19/10)

$2058.00     Airfare 

$420.00       Housing (many days we were generously hosted

                         thanks to MyungSoo Park and the Chu family)

$3685.00     Food for 2 people/20days + business meals

$346.00       Trains/local transportation

$621.00       Car rental/gas in Namhae (7 days)

$133.00       Korean cell phone rental

$43.00         Laundry

$48.00         Flyers/copies, clipboard

$2500.00     NY rent  x2 people

=$,9854.00  (20days 2 people)


  TO LA (1/8/13-2/5/13) (editing, writing VO, recording)

$720.00       Car rental

$1050.00     1 month rent NY (LA housing provided thanks to

                    Ethan Le Phong and Amir Talai)

$367.00       Airfare

$90.00         Cabs/RT to airport

$1174.00     Meals

=$3,401.00  (29 days)


  TO CT (3/7/11-3/8/11) (interviews with Steve and Jane Holtz)

$25.00      Gas

$91.00      Food



  TO MN  (8/12/11-8/15/11) (Cultures in Motion performance)

               (interviews with Jin Ho Hur/Joshua Kim/Jon Huston)

$459.00    Airfare

$165.00    Hotel

$206.89    Food

$12.09      Batteries for mics

$62.00      Rehearsal space (in NY) for performance (2hrs) 

$4.65        "Thank you" coffee for Choreography review

=$909.63  (4 days 2 people)


 TO DC (11/13/13)  (Holt Retrospective, meeting with Susan Cox)

$99.00      Trainfare

$45.00      Food

=$144.00  (1 day 1 person)



$1236.00   Composer Fees

lawyer fees



godaddy domaine purchase

Vimeo Pro $260/yr

zoom pro $110/yr



$300.00      creation of LLC

$750.00      2 hours/$375.00hr creating Agreements/contracts

$1050.00    Open business bank account for LLC

$300.00      E&O


$300.00      graphic designer

$200.00      Press Kit

$400.00      Poster

$120.00      documentary film maker consultant

$960.80      Film Festival Submissions

$1000.00    DCP/3 1T hard drives

$149.00      IMDB Pro Fee/yr

$200.00      8T hard drive for back up


$375.00      LA Screening

$50.00        NEWARKIFF



If you would like to help fund this film, please click on the
"DONATE" button above.


If you would like to send a check to FOUND IN KOREA MOVIE LLC, please email for mailing address.


Again, thank you VERY MUCH for your time, interest, and support of this project.


Much gratitude,


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Found in Korea Movie LLC

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